Engineering Impact Limited was established in Hong Kong in 1985. It has been a leader in the Greater China concert industry for over 30 years and is now the largest concert production, stage design, and project management company in Hong Kong. It is also one of the few companies in Greater China capable of executing large-scale concert tours.


Engineering Impact Limited provides a complete set of services. The company has executed many successful performances in the past. From intimate live performances, to mid-sized indoor concerts, to large-scale outdoor music festivals, to world tour concerts, the company has cooperated with local artists as well as international stars to present amazing performances.


Event Production

From stage design to audio setup, our professional staff of directors, managers and technical experts are ready to provide a full range of production solutions for any type of event.


We offer the latest high performance equipment available for purchase or rental, including: audio, staging, lighting, rigging, lasers, video, audience seating, indoor/outdoor LEDs, lifters, and special effect devices.


We provide professional project management consulting services for concert promoters and other live event organizers.

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LED Screens

We use state of the art LEDs to create dynamic stages and bring interactive experiences to audiences.


Our professional lighting helps to illuminate any type of performance or event to create the perfect mood and offer an immersive experience.


We use the latest video equipment to capture and compliment staging and other visual effects to bring shows to life.


We use the latest sound systems to offer a superior level of sound quality that will satisfy both performer and audience expectations.


Our rigging systems are sturdy yet flexible and can be customized for various hardware installation requirements. We can construct any stage design imaginable to create the most exciting stage for audiences.


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